Sacred Spaces: Creating Meaningful Encounters with a Spiritual Director

What is the purpose for our life? A previous blue-print that followedthe engineering, architectural mind-set of the originator, who musthave existed earlier than humans did. Even though, the entirety consists of‘constructing blocks’ all matters can only exist if their OUTCOME, or FINALSTATE is concept, earlier than the building starts. Many, alas now not all,people recognise that.

Which architect goes spiritual director out and throws a single brick on the ground andthen waits for (masses of thousands of) years for the building to randomly builditself, so he can ultimately draw the blue-print? Who is the inventor ofthe first automobile? Did he do the equal? The car consists of factors. How doeshe realise, which components to throw at the ground, so in tens of millions of years thecar will randomly ‘form itself’, while not having a pre-fashioned photograph ofthe finished car? The solution is easy, he is NOT an evolutionist, andrelies on Creation, first in idea of inspiration, after which inword, or bringing forth of revolutionary vibration (presently nonetheless ‘artwork’).

How does the seed recognize what to do, if the tree isn’t always already in it?

Engineers, architects, inventors, and philosophers are, consciously, ornot, the usage of the principle of limitless introduction inner God’s optimumnecessity. They first amplify their attention, appearance beyond the materialexistence of factors, and bring forth new subjects through the combinationof their present day-day reputation, intuition and concept. However, theircreation, the only locked into the human thoughts, is flawed, limited andobsolete, even earlier than it starts offevolved. Or has a few factor made of human resourcesever been constructed that did now not sooner or later fail and vanish?

What do scientists, researchers, statisticians, medical medical doctors, lawyers have incommon? They deal absolutely with subjects as they supposedly ‘are’ now.They poke the preceding apart, examine and shift from proper to left, andback, things which can be out of date, and whose existence is a give up end result offormerly wrong cognizance. Will they ever find the truth? You tell me… Ithink it’s miles not possible.

How come that during a building buzzing with scientists of a wide variety, thePhysicists are usually the calmest, most grounded, constantly locating,uncovering and expertise? For they, previously ‘materialistic’, havecome to remember that NOTHING can exist with out a PRIOR BLUE-PRINT. Theyalso realise that there’s no DIRECT interdependence between human(interpretative) idea and the things that exist. Creation took placeindependently from human concept. And that prior advent covered allthere is, for the entirety IS permeated with sensible quantum-packets.

My give up is that to us matters emerge as visible in direct relation toour AWARENESS of them. That’s all. Humans do NOT CAUSE something toexist, for everything already is. Most Physicists trust in introduction.Their findings constantly prove it. All that humans can do is discover,play with and revel in that which already IS, behind the scenes, betweenthe traces and beyond the material lies the reason of all. That motive isimmeasurable, invincible and indestructible, or PERFECT.

The word ‘exceptional’ is mentioned 90 4 instances in the bible, and ‘perfection’eleven instances. Those verses give us many clues as to wherein the whole lot isgoing.

For example: Hebrews 7:eleven

If therefore perfection had been by manner of the Levitical priesthood, (for beneath itthe human beings obtained the law,) what further need changed into there that anotherpriest need to rise after the order of Melchisedec, and not be calledafter the order of Aaron?

Explanation: If the ‘holy’ priests, descendants of the Levites, wouldhave